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Data Science or Analitcs?

You have 3 months to figure this out. Our program starts off the same for students of both tracks, with additional hours for the Data Science track, and after three months you can choose which track to continue with.


Data Science

Data Analysis

Intro hours / week 



Intro +60h requirement


Choose your track

Track hours / week



Work as Data Analyst

Work as Machine Learning Eng.



A web developer is a software engineer who develops web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, builds user interfaces with React, uses Git to work in a team, and bundles project files together using Webpack to upload to the internet. They also know how to work with web servers such as Nginx and can write server-side code with Node.js.

Free introductory course 

Pre-course: HTML, CSS, JS basics 20h

Try your hand as a web developer and learn the basics of the profession. The programming experience you gain will let you assess your abilities and motivation and help you decide

whether you want to continue.

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