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Web Development

10 months | Flexible 25h per week 

An immersive online course that provides you the tools and training you need to become the best web developer you can be. In this course we will cover the following:




+ JavaScript

+ React

+ Git

+ Webpack

+ Career Acceleration


A web developer is a software engineer who develops web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, builds user interfaces with React, uses Git to work in a team, and bundles project files together using Webpack to upload to the internet. They also know how to work with web servers such as Nginx and can write server-side code with Node.js.

Free introductory course 

Pre-course: HTML, CSS, JS basics 20h

Try your hand as a web developer and learn the basics of the profession. The programming experience you gain will let you assess your abilities and motivation and help you decide

whether you want to continue.

Onboarding day

Learning what it means to be a web developer. An overview of spheres where web developers can find work. Organisational aspects of the training process.

Advanced HTML & CSS 80h

Discover just how much HTML and CSS have to offer by working through topics such as flexbox, animations, forms, positioning elements, and embedding media content. You’ll also learn how to organize your code and structure your projects using the BEM methodology, as well as how to manage your project with Git.

Adaptive Web Design and Working with Layouts 40h

See what kind of design specs professional web developers work with and how to turn them into websites. You’ll also build interfaces using Grid Layout technology while ensuring that your site looks good on all devices, from desktop computers to smartphones.

Basic JavaScript and Working with the Browser 120h

This is where programming truly begins. Fully immerse yourself in JavaScript as you learn about the different data types you can work with and how to use them with statements, loops, and functions. Then, put theory into practice to create a fully-functioning interactive website.

Applied JavaScript 120h

At this stage in the program, we dive even deeper into JavaScript and tackle the key concepts you need to master to become a web developer. You’ll learn about Object-Oriented Programming, asynchronous code, and how to interact with servers. You’ll also be introduced to different programs used to bundle project files together, add third-party dependencies, and upload your project to the internet.

Creating an Interface with React 80h

Get acquainted with the React library and its ecosystem. You’ll start off by creating websites made up of components that can be reused in different places. You’ll then be able to build on this to create more complex interfaces much faster and write code that’s much easier to maintain.

Backend Basics for Web Developers 160h

Building a web app requires working with a server. You’ll get to the bottom of how Node.js, a JavaScript runtime environment, writes server-side applications. You'll bring up a server and render it. As a result, you’ll create the server-side API for the website you made in the previous course.

Final Project 120h

This is where you put everything you’ve learned throughout the program into practice and prove that you have what it takes to be a web developer. You won’t have to complete any other assignments or work through any lessons in the interactive platform. It’s just like real life, where you have a task and a deadline, armed with nothing but your skills, knowledge and a search engine.

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