Master the path to your success

Develop your career skills with our comprehensive 3-months program, led by our Data Professional mentors and your career-success manager. 

The accelerator process:

+ Build your personal brand

+ Expand your network

+ Master the Interview

+ Find work opportunities

+ Connect to / with our industry-network


The accelerator week-by-week

01. Meet Your Career Team

Your career mentor is extensively trained and specialises in research into industry recruiting and hiring. They will be your key point of contact throughout the course, and provide advice and assistance along the way.​


​02. Craft your CV and optimise online profiles

You will be taught how to use the best strategies to write an excellent CV, and how to optimise your online profiles to meet the requirements of the market.​


​03. Work opportunity sourcing

Based on strategies regularly tested by our graduates, your Career Team will assist you in recruiting and networking effectively.​


​04. Interviewing essentials

We’ll teach you how to master your body language, perfect your presentation skills, and prepare answers to frequently as well as rarely asked questions.​


​05. Master the art of Interviewing

Learn how technical interviews are structured and practice interviewing methods in a real-work environment.​


​06 - 07. Storytelling using data

We’ll teach you how to identify the fundamental business questions and communicate your findings by presenting the impact of your analysis on the company’s trajectory.​


08 - 10. Comprehensive interview workshop

Experience in-depth mock interview sessions and apply your mentor’s feedback to enhance your competitive advantage during real interviews.​


​11. Data-led business case studies

Learn from the world’s leading companies by solving real-work environment challenges, and analyse case studies in data-driven businesses.


12. Job offers and salary negotiation

Your career-success manager will help you with the process of negotiating better salary, compensation and benefits.

We’re building the future.

Are you in?