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Our programs offer a hands-on learning experience, designed to build and enhance your skills. We are looking for individuals who are curious, have grit, and strive to develop their skill and abilities as their career progresses. 


To become one of our students in your country this year, you need to be detail-oriented, a fast learner, and be ready and able to do your best in order to excel in your lessons.

Success-based tuition

We invest in our students - we’ll cover your tuition until you get hired.


You will repay your tuition after you find work and earn a monthly income of 10,000 ILS or more. Once you start working, your repayment rate will be 10% of your monthly income, until the tuition cost of 45,000 ILS is fully repaid.


Upon acceptance, we will ask you to pay a registration fee of 1,000 ILS that will be deducted from the total tuition amount.




* Please know that we want everyone to be able to have access to our program, if you really can’t afford this fee, just let us know and we’ll waive the cost.

Ready to build your career?

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